Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition

Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition

Whether you’ve recently decided to become vegetarian or vegan, or are curious about this way of eating, Dietwise is here to help. Our dietitians are highly experienced in plant-based diets and will be able to assist you with meeting your unique nutrition needs with tailored, practical advice.

How our dietitians can help with plant-based diets:

If you would like to take the guesswork out of your diet to feel confident that you’re making the best food choices to support your health our Dietitians can help with:

  • explaining your blood test results and how this might impact your health
  • balancing your plate to ensure you’re meeting all your nutritional needs
  • meeting your requirements for key nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12, zinc, protein and calcium
  • providing recipe ideas and strategies for achieving balanced meals
  • introducing you to new and exciting products
  • exploring options for supplementing your diet if you are unable to meet your needs with food including vitamin and mineral supplements, protein powders, and specialised nutrition supplement drinks (if clinically indicated)
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