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Nutrition for sports performance involves more than eating a from a healthy food plan and drinking plenty of fluids. Sports nutrition is a complex science that optimizes performance through sound nutrition practices whether you are an elite athlete or someone that simply embraces and values physical activity. Whether you are an emerging athlete or weekend warrior, working with a sports dietitian takes away the guess work and confusion and offers you clear guidelines individualized for you and your sporting or exercise goals. 

How our dietitians can help with sports nutrition: 
  • Understanding the nutrition needs of your own particular sport or exercise
  • Guiding your eating to maximize energy, performance and overall wellbeing
  • Nutrition assessment and dietary analysis of your eating plan
  • Planning for your daily training demands
  • Fueling for competitions, events or training sessions
  • Best recovery nutrition strategies
  • Hydration planning including what, how much and when to be drinking.
  • Achieving body composition goals including bulking up.
  • Quick, easy and practical tips for meal planning, shopping and cooking for busy people
  • Tips for eating out, socializing and travelling
  • Nutrition for adolescent athletes
  • Education on supplement use for your specific needs including protein powders, creatine, pre-workouts, and vitamin supplements
  • Supporting injuries and illness with nutrition strategies
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