3rd in line to the throne
Woof Woof
Mon, Thurs & Fri with a booking
Pedigree of course with a dash of Cavalier, Chihuahua & Jack Russel (allegedly)

My Story

Hi I’m Reggie or Reginald II in high fashion runway parades

Some people may think that I live with small dog syndrome just because I am not the biggest pooch at the park. With a successful modelling career under my collar, I am confident to say that size does not matter. Just saying.

You could say I am the chic fashionista of Dietwise and I treat the Dietwise corridors like my runway.  I have an extensive designer wardrobe because I like to feel good in my fur. My interests include fashion design and I have a reputation for having an eye for detail and interesting use of textured fabrics. I am a spokesmodel for the luxury dog grooming collection, Les Pouchs and freelance as a scout for Animal Direction Modelling Agency.

I have an excellent work ethic and from the moment my paws set foot at work at Dietwise, I provide a confident and comforting presence with lots of cuddles, either close on your lap (with permission) or from afar. I work part-time and due to my recent A-list celebrity status, my agent is currently in negotiations to increase my hours at Dietwise.

My best party tricks

After a few liver shots on a night out at Karaoke, you may hear me singing “I’m Too Sexy”. Sing the chorus with me now folks.

‘I'm a model, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the dog walk, Yeah, on the dog walk, on the dog walk, yeah, I wag my little tail on the dog walk”


Grooming and Deportment- Animal Direction UK
Pet Apparel and Lifestyle Product Design- NY Fashion Institute of Technology
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