Canine Coordinator of Dietwise Doggos

Weekdays & Sat with a booking
Pedigree German Shorthaired Pointer

My Story

Hi I’m Ella,

I am one of the resident dogs at Dietwise and call Sonya my mum. I like to call myself top dog, leading our team of awesome Dietwise Doggos. I love connecting with humans of all ages, and acts of kindness is my love language, laying on affection, comfort, and support in the waiting room or during appointments. I am calm, gentle, and friendly to strangers and you guessed it- my passion is mealtime support for our patients with eating disorders. I have a good nose for sensing when our patients may be experiencing increased anxiety and distress and jump into action to help create a safe and calm space. I juggle my time between volunteering work and as an influencer with celebrity status on our Dietwise Instagram and Facebook pages.

My best party tricks

My favourite yoga position is the downward dog I perform with treats. I open clinic doors with my nose and as top dog, the Dietitians know I’m a Doggie Diva and their rooms are my rooms.


City Beach Puppy School

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