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My Story

Hi I’m Eddie aka Eduardo III

My Dietitian mum Eryn, who says my dog hair is her glitter, proudly found me a part-time gig at Dietwise. With 10 years of experience under my collar, I am very comfortable and secure letting Ella my colleague think she is top dog.  

In my role, I command a mature and composed presence, learnt from my mum Eryn, and I am skilled at taking the lead from our patients. Make no bones about it. I am living my best life at Dietwise being top of the food chain and the centre of attention when Ella is at the Doggie Diva Groomerie. My job demands laying on luxurious sheepskin bedding, being hand-fed nutritious treats and supporting my fun and talented work colleagues- Sonya, Kirasha, Caylah, Cindy, Alexia and Ella. It’s a dog’s life. My side hustle is as Blog Editor for the digital canine magazine Puppy Leaks.

Favourite song lyric

“Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take…I’ll be watching you.”


10-year lived experience of a dog’s life

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