Osteoporosis & Bone Health

Osteoporosis & Bone Health

Bones are constantly changing throughout our life – breaking down (resorption) and being renewed (formation). When resorption occurs more quickly than formation, it causes a loss of bone density and strength which is referred to as Osteoporosis (meaning ‘porous bones’). Bones with osteoporosis are weak and fragile which means they can fracture more easily.

Some risk factors for developing Osteoporosis are:

  • Being female
  • Increasing age or going through menopause
  • A family history
  • Certain conditions like Coeliac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and medications used to treat conditions like asthma, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.
The foods we eat play an important role in managing, and preventing Osteoporosis. Having enough calcium-rich foods is critical for building strong bones, and in adults to slow down bone loss. Our Dietitians are able to provide you with strategies to minimise the risks associated with Osteoporosis. 
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