Nutrition Check Ups

Nutrition Check Ups

If you are curious about whether your current diet is best supporting your health as you transition into different stages of your life, have a medical condition, or have genetic loading for a medical condition, our Dietitians are here to help. At Dietwise, our Dietitians are committed to staying on top of the latest evidence-based research to simplify often confusing and conflicting nutrition messages. We also have access to the most up-to-date nutrition software for analysing your daily food choices for each of the key nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy and happy. This information helps us to identify gaps in your diet and make recommendations to help manage a medical condition, prevent nutrition-related disease and help promote long-term good health.

How our dietitians can help with nutrition check-ups:

Our dietitians can help you meet your nutrition goals by:

  • assessing your unique nutrient requirements based on your age, activity level, medical conditions, medications, and family history
  • recommending a dietary pattern to support your unique nutrition needs
  • assessing the need for supplements including protein powders, probiotics, prebiotics, fibre or other vitamins and minerals
  • meal planning support matched to your food preferences, cooking skills, budget, and functional capacity
  • assisting with navigating supermarkets and reading food labels
  • navigating messaging on social media around nutrition, weight, and body image
  • educating on a weight-neutral approach to health and wellness and the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) paradigm
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