Mary Casotti

Mary Casotti

Creative Arts Therapist

My Story

Hi I’m Mariangela

I’m a Creative Arts Therapist who is passionate about the healing nature of the Arts. I believe the creative process deeply connects the mind, body, and spirit. Emotional conflicts can be addressed, physical symptoms faced and accepted, and spiritual experiences realised, restoring harmony with self, others and nature.

I provide a trauma-informed, person-centred, holistic approach that integrates the expressive arts (image making, clay, music, creative writing, sand-play, movement and somatic awareness) as a gateway to healing, reparation and transformation. I work with all mental health conditions and specialise in disordered eating, eating disorder recovery, body dissatisfaction and body image. Creative Arts Therapy focuses on the process of creation rather than the final product with the goal to appreciate who we are in the moment, explore reasons for our behaviours, and establish new barometers for self-acceptance.


  • Graduate Diploma Creative Arts Therapy- Murdoch University
  • Bachelor of Education- ECU
  • The Foundations of Eating Disorders / Inside Out Institute
  • Cutting-Edge Concepts in the Medical Management of Eating Disorders/ Webinar
  • Youth Mental Health Course
  • ASSIST Suicide First Aid Training
  • First Aid Training- St John Ambulance
  • Certificate 4 Training and Assessment

How I Can Help You:

  • Express feelings that are difficult to verbalise
  • Encourage curiosity and creativity
  •  Develop healthy coping skills and focus
  •  Improve body image, self-esteem, and confidence
  •  Navigate eating disorders through an improved understanding of self
  •  Increase communication skills
  •  Improve motor skills and physical coordination
  •  Identify blocks to emotional expression and personal growth
  •  Explore imagination and creativity
  •  Identify issues and concerns
  •  Manage stress and anxiety
  •  Integration of trauma/PTSD
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